A Message from Art Lucier and Battle for Canada

We understand that The Battle For Canada may not be for everyone in your congregation, we know many churches have prayer warriors and concerned citizens contending for the nation of Canada at this time, and encourage you all to use and send our resources to all whoever may be interested. Also if people want to volunteer there is a volunteer page on the website.

This is not a conference, but a war on our divisions and passivity within the Canadian Church, the body and bride of Jesus Christ. We're praying that you all can join us in shifting Canada! 

On behalf of the Revival Reformation Alliance and the Battle For Canada Steering Committee, we would like to email you some promotional material and information regarding Edmonton's up and coming National Initiative, Battle For Canada Edmonton - May 15-19, 2019.

We have lots of media tools to help get the word out about our event and have included them in the promo package. We've also included short instructions for your media team.


You'll find the following attached to the email:

  • YouTube link of our 1:17 sec. Edmonton Promo video

  • 1-minute Highlight video YouTube link from our North Battleford event last November

  • Our most recent 30-minute YouTube link with Dean Briggs from the Kansas City International House of Prayer and Art Lucier of Harvest Ministries explaining in detail of what Battle for Canada is and where we're going

  • 2 min overview YouTube link of what the initiative is featuring Art Lucier, a leading voice for the Battle For Canada Initiative

  • Battle for Canada logo and copy for your church bulletin. You determine how much you want to include in the write-up.

  • PowerPoint/ ProPresenter images regarding registration and Battle for Canada Edmonton logo, if someone is making a presentation.

  • Facebook banner to load on your church or personal Facebook to share, which can also be used on your website.

  • Battle for Canada Posters that are easily printed from your church printer

  • Battle for Canada Postcards that can be printed and cut into 4, so your ushers have something to hand out or if you wanted to insert them into your church bulletins

  • And if we have missed anything, have any questions or you need anything further, you can call our office at 236-420-1980 and we will create whatever you need to help get this event out there

  • Please note: When you forward the email on to your media team, please include attachments

There are links in the email if you are interested in registering for Battle for Canada in Edmonton, or purchasing the Live Streaming.

Thank you very much for helping us bring awareness of this gathering and pray for our great nation. Any and all efforts are very much appreciated.

In Him, for unity...

Help us get the word out


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