Like John the Baptist, we are proclaiming the need to turn back, to repent, to gain a new mind. When fathers speak, it releases identity. When one of Canada's Founding Fathers declared the King's dominion over our land out of Psalm 72, he prophesied the purpose and destiny of our nation. The fact that Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley was from Saint John cannot be ignored. Even today, his voice rings across the centuries to define a new and necessary future, rooted in the eternal Word of God. Our nation has purpose. Contrary to the declarations of recent national leaders, we have a strong, prophetic identity: "Give the king your righteousness, O God, and your righteousness to the King's son...and He shall have dominion also from sea to sea” (Psalm 72.1, 8).

Saint John NB is our founding city, the first incorporated city in Canada. Here, our nation was named the Dominion of Canada. This is perhaps the most critical, historic key to our greatness, that we recognize the Lordship and righteousness of Christ. In fact, Psalm 72, verses 1 and 8 are etched into Canada's parliament building. Literally, our legislators sit under the command of those verses. They cannot convene unless they "come under" that mandate. This is the spiritual DNA of True North Strong and Free. If we reject it, our future is fearful indeed.

Until 1983, Canada Day was actually called ‘Dominion Day’. Founding fathers often function in the role of governmental apostles and prophets. They are wise master builders. They leave a legacy for generations to come. This is our heritage, our identity, for it tells us our place among the nations of the earth. If Canada is not strong, not only will future generations of Canadians suffer, but the world will be spiritually, morally and economically impoverished as a result.



Our national election is coming fast. The church in Canada is rising like never before. Our voice will be heard, in heaven and on earth. But the battle is not over and future generations still hang in the balance. Out of St. John, we intend to raise a fresh cry to God, gathering intercessors, families, worshippers, marketplace leaders and modern apostolic fathers to humble ourselves, release fresh decrees, and renew our submission to will of God. At King's Church, in what some call the King's Valley, we shall proclaim the righteous rule of the King's son, and petition Heaven for His glorious dominion to spread across Canada once more.

Join us September 11-14, as we boldly reclaim what some are trying to strip from our national soul. We begin here: this amnesia shall not stand! A remnant is rising who remember and proclaim the ways of God.


Last year, something began in the heartland, on the frozen prairies of North Battleford SK. For ten days, 1400 believers from countless denominations across the nation gathered to repent and worship God. We moved next to Edmonton AB, and saw God work miracles to turn back the rising tide of darkness. Much to our surprise, the first screening of the pro-life movie, Unplanned, triggered a wave of screenings across Canada in the days that followed. Our closed, censored nation has now opened to the message of life like never before. Next, in St. John, we go to the pristine shores that first welcomed European settlers, helping to shape our modern homeland, Canada. In every meeting, we surrender the agenda to the Holy Spirit, but we believe every person adds their spiritual equity to the story God is telling.


Come. Stand with us. The battle rages, but a new day is dawning for Canada.

“Do not move the ancient landmark

that your fathers have set.”(Prov. 22:28)

Stand on Guard for


Consider the Canada of fifty years ago, or twenty, or even ten. We must ask, can a nation long endure whose God is not the Lord? Can Canada prosper if we blindly pursue our current course, rejecting the historic foundations of marriage and family, allowing legal abortion for babies up to birth, legalizing gateway drugs and moving towards legalizing the purchase of sex?

This is madness.

Stand on Guard for


Canada’s righteous roots run deep, but our history is also mingled with much pain. Deep wounds inflicted upon our First Nations have never fully healed, and the church shares much of the blame. Worse, the crisis of suicides on the reservations has no end in sight. Meanwhile, we have silenced our prophets and surrendered to politics…yet could these things be related?


It’s time to humble ourselves. Prayer must not be optional, our pulpits must not be silent, our spirits must not be passive.

Stand on Guard for




Canada’s destiny is to bring healing to nations. But how can we fulfill our purpose if we are not healed among ourselves? The church is deeply divided and the house of prayer has been torn by the scandals of fallen leaders. How do we lovingly restore? How do we show mercy, yet uphold truth? A key dreamer had a tender dream of the Father’s heart, that His praying, prophetic people would sit together at tables of unity and press through our differences. This table was called “Pure Canadian.” But in the dream, the Father wondered if Canadian leaders would value what He valued enough to humble themselves and come together. If we are in a battle for our nation, two fates await: a unity in defeat, or a joining for victory. If we remain divided, we are sure to fail together. Let our unity be a harbinger of great revival sweeping the nation.

Stand on Guard for


Our borders are practically unprotected. At the highest levels, it seems our government has insulated itself from truth into a state of deception that is now deaf to the coming thunder. Debt, terrorism, and the war on our children and on marriage itself, are being reframed and repackaged as privileges to be celebrated by a more “enlightened” society. If not us, then who will call Canada back to her Godly heritage? We proudly sing our great anthem, which means if we are Canadian, and if we are Christian, then we accept responsibility for the future health and wellbeing of our nation.

The Battle for Canada is not a fight with flesh and blood, but for breakthrough and blessings to rain upon our land once more.

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