We thank God for you coming to North Battleford and Spiritually Shifting the Atmosphere here. I wanted to share with you what God is doing in "North Beautiful" ... C.T.V. has asked to come to the First "We Are Better Together" Community of the Battlefords Gathering at "Living Faith Chapel" Sunday, Feb 17th, 2019. The Schools and community are buying the "Better Together" T-Shirts and will be wearing them as we all gather together this next Sunday. It is Declared that every Tuesday will be known as "Better Together Tuesday" in "North Beautiful" as we like to call it. Praise Our Almighty Powerful God who is causing us to Rule in the Midst of the enemy. It's Kingdom of Heaven Time and He is doing it!


I have suffered the effects of PTSD in my body ongoingly though over the past 8 years.  Online research that I did confirmed that my journey was “normal”, but in many ways the journey also felt hopeless because I continued to live in a constantly elevated state.  Most victims never fully recover from these effects.  Prayer and being in God’s presence helped me get through, but I continued to pray for full healing.  


About 3 months prior to BFC, as prayer ministry around the nation started to increase, my memories began to return to me.  Difficult though they were, I would begin to see things in my dreams and in the night season that my brain had blocked out for almost a decade.  


My family did not have the financial means to attend NB in person, but we live-streamed the sessions.  I loved it.  We wept, we prayed, we sang.  We felt that God led us to every service we needed to hear.  The night that Joan Hunter was speaking, my husband and I were watching.  I heard the first healing testimony, and then I fell into a deep sleep - for about an hour to an hour and a bit, I just slept in the chair - completely at peace.  God sent his Healing Oil throughout my body.  I felt little tingles and warmth all throughout my body - here, there, etc. As she prayed over and over for Trauma and the memory of Trauma to be broken off people, I slept like a baby.  I woke up just in time to see a friend get prayed for and healed.


Although it was a lovely night, it wasn’t until the weeks after the event that I really began to notice a true difference in my physical body.  The long-lasting effects of the PTSD and the daily toll they would take on my body, was noticeably different.  I no longer felt like I was living in “overdrive”.  My brain was calmer, the daily effects were noticeably different, and my memories have returned.  


I have been a Christian for almost 4 decades and attended many meetings across North America, but North Battleford was the only one that was life changing. It was during the intersession and repenting for the sins of the church with the children that I heard one voice deeper and louder than any other voice in the room. I knew, that voice, was not coming from that room. That voice broke something in my heart that has wrecked me forever. When I heard the deep groan of the Father over His children, my life would never be the same. On returning to my home base in Nelson BC, any one who stood long enough to listen, I would tell them of what the Fathers heart is for Canada. So many from the Christian community did not know about the Battle for Canada meetings so I have been going out on a limb to spread the good news. Last Sunday I summarized the ten-day event to our congregation and included members of two other churches. I have been emailing my summary to other members of other churches. Also we are in the process of getting an inter-church intercession group going. There have been vital prophetic words spoken over our community and now is the time to claim what the Father wants to do in our beautiful town. God is on the move and I am so thankful for the obedience of those that brought the Battle for Canada going. So many glorious growing days are ahead for the church. 


God touched my sore left knee and healed me instantly last night. Praise the name of the Lord and thank you Jesus!! The pain left!


Sending a note of thank and appreciation on how you followed the Holy Spirit guiding you. To watch God move and heal throughout each day was truly life changing.

For so many years I have prayed for the healing of my feet, watching healing services and agreeing for my healing. Waking up every morning and feeling the pain in my feet/heels and not looking forward to taking those first few steps. Every time I fly, drive long distances, sit at my office desk for too long I could feel the rush of water as my feet swell. As everyone would want to go for a long walk in the summer I knew that if I went I would be in pain and had to decide if it was worth it - it became more and more not worth it.


When Joan said anyone with an incurable condition I knew this was my moment for healing. The foot specialist just told me a few months ago there was nothing that could be done - I would never walk for long distances, I would never be able to walk on sand - I would live in pain the rest of my life. When Joan touched the back of my feet it was like the tension was broken in my heel and I could feel this cold on my heel and felt something just slide off the back of my heel. I thought WOW - this is what if feels like to be healed. Then she touched my other foot and the same thing happened. I could have just cried right there for the relief of not having that pain in my heels but instead I was overcome with unspeakable joy.


People kept asking me how are you feet - and they were excellent. I went from North Battleford to Regina to a football game. As we went into the stadium I was dreading the walk up to our seats - nose bleed section. We didn't see the elevators and took the stairs - all 5 flights but you know what my feet didn't hurt, I only stopped once because I was out of breath. Praise God! My feet are and I believe always will be 100 per cent.


As I stood in the stands I claimed that stadium for God's glory and that it would be filled with worship. When I left and was standing waiting for our bus all of a sudden I could hear singing over the stadium (my husband asked me what was going on because of the look on my face). I knew it was the heavenly host because they were singing the song from North Battleford. I am praying and believing that the work started by a few faithful servants will spread across our nation and the world.


Thank you for being obedient.


I had a vision during worship time in one of the evening services..... I saw King Jesus as a huge lion and He was leading His people who were right behind him and on each side of Him – a huge number.... we were all trampling over “small demons” that looked somewhat like little squealing piglets.... we marched on for a time like this trampling over them. Suddenly The Lion of the Tribe of Judah stopped and we all looked up ahead...... There was a very large “dragon” ahead of us looking very ferocious and he had a huge tail that was waving back and forth in front of us and a tongue that flickered in and out....The Lion of the Tribe of Judah took a step backwards and said in an authoritative voice of victory to us who He was “proud of”.... “Now you are ready to go and take him down!”


Also as God was “encouraging” me to go to North Battleford for the 10 days, He said to me that He would heal me of a MSG “allergy” if I would go. “No more MSG headaches for you!” He said! Smile (I have not been able to eat gravies, soups, or packaged foods etc because of MSG for about the last 15 years. If I by mistake, would eat something with MSG, I would have a 3 day “migraine” type of headache from it so I was so very thankful when Father said this to me or otherwise the meal plan would have been very unpleasant/sparse for me). I stepped out in faith, ate everything and did not get any headaches while there or since! Praise to my Healer and King!


In November 1980 (38 years ago) my husband and I were at  Bible Temple in Portland, Oregon. John Garlington called us out and prophesied to us … he did not know us nor that we were from Canada. In 2016 God began to work in our hearts to return to Canada after spending 31 years serving in Jamaica. As I began to intercede for Canada, this word once more came alive in me and as I heard the different ‘words’ shared this morning I was again reminded of this word given 38 years ago.


'Shall not the fire of the Lord begin to rise and to flame again in the north country, in Canada.  You shall begin to say in your heart by faith that the lines have fallen unto us in pleasant places, in goodly places.  For the fires of the Spirit of God are going to move.  They are going to sweep that country even as the prairie fires of old.  And yes, the Lord has brought you for this time to that place.  You shall begin to see increasingly the moving of God's Spirit.  ...For you are living in the time when you shall see with your eyes the visitation of the Lord.  You have heard the stories of visitation and yes there has sometimes been the cry in your heart, 'Lord, I have heard of these things, when will I see them ?'  The Lord will begin to stir in your lives; yes in the lives of the both of you, a new thing is going to occur … '


I am so thankful for ‘live-stream’ enabling me to be apart of what is happening in North Battleford … may there be nothing to hinder HIS purposes from being accomplished … standing with you.


Good day friends!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to North Battleford, but I’ve been so blessed by the live-stream.

The other night I was watching Joan Hunter sharing about healing prayer.  Most church goers don’t know that they can lay hands on, or even pray for their brothers and sisters and cast off health issues and other nasty stuff, how exciting that they now know!!  Thank you Jesus!!

The day after Joan was speaking at North Battleford revival, I was in Kelowna Walmart... haha... and the elderly lady cashier was looking really downcast,  and I asked her how her day was as she was putting my items through the scanner.  She said she’s had better better days.  I asked if she was just about finished her shift, and she said she had another hour to go. 

I said "Don’t let discouragement or negativity get you down" and she looked at me and said that it wasn’t that... she said "I have pain!!! Bingo!!! Lol  

I said to her, I cast off the pain in your body!!  God is good!!  

That’s all I had time to say those few words as there was a lineup behind me, and I didn’t want the nice lady to get into trouble.

She looked at me with a big smile and said “Yes HE is”.   I don’t know the outcome of that short few words of prayer, but GOD does, and the smile was proof enough for me.



Last night hope for this nation welled up in me again. I have been a Christian since 1971 and praying for revival for Canada and my province of Quebec for many years. I attended many gatherings of Watchmen for the Nations in Canada and went to gatherings such as The Summit in Ottawa but in the past years, especially with what is happening politically, my hope was waning.

I will be 70 this year and always believed I would see a great revival burst forth in Canada before I went to be with the Lord but lately I was beginning to doubt this. HOPE is RISING in my heart again!!!!

Last night hope for this nation welled up in me again. I have been a Christian since 1971 and praying for revival for Canada and my province of Quebec for many years. I attended many gatherings of Watchmen for the Nations in Canada and went to gatherings such as The Summit in Ottawa but in the past years, especially with what is happening politically, my hope was waning.

I will be 70 this year and always believed I would see a great revival burst forth in Canada before I went to be with the Lord but lately I was beginning to doubt this. HOPE is RISING in my heart again!!!!

I have been having trouble with smoke in my Condo. Devonne-Dee prayed for me. I attended all 10 meetings. Friday night I had a dream that there was a glory cloud in my living room. It was very real. The next night I had another dream that when I got back to Saskatoon it would be different. When I walked in the atmosphere was different and the smoke level is way less. Praise The Lord.


Praises to Our Father. HE is healing my hands. Already what was like carpal tunnel is mostly healed. 


I fell while out boulder hopping some years ago by the ocean in Victoria where I live landing hard on flat hands mostly damaging the left making it difficult to play my guitar.  :(

But GOD. 

I think it was during the first healing times that Barry was praying for carpal tunnel. My body hands & arms started shaking. Pain gone from arms most of right hand & much of the left. PTL. THANK YOU GOD.


I want to share my experience at the Tues afternoon meeting on the 6th of Nov. I had volunteered for 2 meetings, one on the 2nd and the other on the 6th. I had to cancel the one on the 2nd, as my son from BC showed up unexpectedly. So then my other son came to install a garage door for me, so thought l should cancel my Nov 6th date, as he might need me to fetch supplies, or need a lift with something too heavy for him. I went on line to cancel, then checked to make sure it was cancelled, but for some reason it didn’t cancel.  I found out why later. So l asked my son if he needed me, he said no, so off I went. I did my volunteering in the morning, and decided to take in the afternoon session. As I sat down a lady was passing around a prayer form, so I took one. It said to write on the back what you wanted from Jesus, and hold onto the form until someone prayed with you. The music was way too loud for me, almost gave me headache, so I went in the other room as far away as I could get, till the music finished. As I sat there, I filled in the prayer form and returned to the meeting. I didn’t know how this request would get answered as no one knew I had filled it in, or what I had asked for. Well the Holy Spirit knew, and He started ministering through the fellow that took that session. Everything I had asked for was being spoken forth, and before I knew it I was walking to the front, as well as most of the people that were at that meeting.  It was a powerful meeting, I believe I had to be at that precise meeting to receive the things I had asked for.  That’s why I couldn’t cancel that volunteer date, God made sure I was there. Praise his Holy Name. I’m just waiting to see how God will manifest Himself through the things I received. Blessings from one of God’s children.


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